Tim Wood

 London Skateboarding, Altro, Influencer


Electric skateboard rider based in London, UK. Ambassador for Evolve Skateboards, Shredlights and WickBoards Youtuber & event organiser


One of the first electric skateboarders to the scene here in London.  Quickly rose to become a key player in the scene by organising and hosting weekly group rides in London and surrounding areas, teaching beginners classes and helping with events from track days to the UK Open competition.   Currently taken on board as an ambassador for Evolve Skateboards, Shredlights and WickBoards.

Produces a weekly Youtube video for electric skate and related gear and a weekly livestream with other key players and brands in the business.   Admin for the UKs largest P.E.V. group on Facebook and very active within the community. 
Hosts regular rides for the community and produces ride videos and infographics for the community.

One of the most recognisable people in the UK electric skate and PEV scene.

Reach / Links

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Our group has 1800 members and growing fast. 

Weekly Youtube videos receive from a few hundred to 20k views. 

Event organiser often appearing in other peoples videos and social media.

90% of audience are males 25-45 with high disposable incomes.