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Andreas Kitzing

Andreas Kitzing (CEO) came up with the idea of Sponsoo during his MBA at the University of Cambridge. Before that, he had been working as a managment consultant and a project manager. Andreas loves to explore new sports in his free time (stand up paddling, snowboarding, bungee jumping). As a passionate football fan, he is regularly supporting his favorite team in the stadium.

Christian Kaspar

Christian Kaspar (CTO) is leading the technological development of Sponsoo. As a serial entrepreneur, Sponsoo is not his first successful startup. In the last years, Christian has worked for many well-known companies.

Christian used to be an avid cyclist in his younger days. Nowadays, his focus has shifted to long-distance running and snowboarding.

Joschka Grabb

Joschka Grabb (CSO) joins the management team at Sponsoo as Chief Sales Officer. Most recently, the studied sports and event manager was also responsible and coordinated sales at established sports businesses. As a sports enthusiast and passionate swimmer, the promotion of sports, especially marginal sports, is a matter close to Joschka's heart.

Jonas Lösche

Jonas Lösche (Sponsorship Manager) works in sales for Sponsoo. After studying media, sports and event management, he worked in event management and sales for a publishing house. In addition to his work, he enjoys playing football, tennis and running in his free time. The dates of various sporting events are also marked in bold on his calendar.

Sebastian Bester

Sebastian Bester (Sales Manager) went through the youth academy of Hamburger SV. After a severe knee injurie, he ended his active career and studied sports, event and media management. In addition to his work in the sales team, he is studying sports management for a master's degree.

Christian Alert

Christian Alert (Pre-Sales Manager) joined the Sponsoo sales team in November 2021. After his bachelor's degree in International Business Administration, he put his focus on the sports world with his two master's degrees in Sports Marketing and Football Business & Management. In his free time, Christian can be found on the hockey pitch or at various sporting events, not only in football stadiums, but also at dart or ski jumping, for example.

Sarah Guttau

Sarah Guttau (Marketing Manager) is responsible for press relations and trade fairs at Sponsoo. She discovered her enthusiasm for sports marketing while working as a press officer for an American football club. After several years in a PR agency, she finally returned to the sports industry at Sponsoo. Even outside the office, no sport is safe from her. She likes to relax with Pa Kua disciplines like archery or let out tensions with Krav Maga.

Edoardo Carucci

Edoardo Carucci (Marketing Manager) joined Sponsoo in April 2022. Originally from Italy, after his Bachelor's degree in Sport Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University, he moved to Germany to start his career in the sports industry. Currently Edoardo manages the Social media department of Sponsoo, and supports the team with his deep knowledge and network within the sports sector. Previously semi-professional athlete in Track and Field, in his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, travelling and watching sport on TV. Also an avid Fantasy football player.

Oussama Boudmarh

Oussama Boudmarh (International Email Agent) supports the internationalization of Sponsoo as a full-time employee. Oussama is originally from Morocco and worked in different international environments in Morocco and Malaysia before settling down in Germany. He is incredibly passionate about sports, especially the extreme ones. Oussama played various sports in the past such as football, kickboxing and parkour. 

Rok Mohar

Rok Mohar (Developer) is continously improving the Sponsoo website. He works from Sponsoo's Ljubljana office. Ljulbjana is also the place where Rok finished his university degree in computer science.

In his leisure time, Rok is working out a lot and takes care to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jette Kröger

Jette Kröger (Dual Student Accounting & HR) is responsible for accounting and HR at Sponsoo. She is studying business psychology in Hamburg. Jette has already completed an apprenticeship and gained experience in a big tax consulting company. In her free time she likes to play field hockey, go for a run or do yoga.

Ole Ketz

Ole Ketz (Support Management & Sales Associate) supports Sponsoo during his internship semester in the departments Support Management & Sales. He is currently studying Sports Management at Ostfalia - University of Applied Sciences. Since his childhood, Ole has been addicted to soccer fever and has been enthusiastic about the games of his favorite teams every weekend as a fan, youth coach, referee and player.

Maikel Groh

Maikel Groh (Marketing Associate) is a marketing intern at Sponsoo. He mainly supports in the area of social media and content creation. Maikel is currently studying sports and event management at UE Germany. He can be passionate about any sport but motorsports is his big passion. He also plays tennis and keeps himself fit in the gym.

Selina Gürel

Selina Gürel (Marketing Associate) is supporting Sponsoo as an Intern for PR & Marketing and has nearly finished her Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies. She used to play handball for several years; now she enjoys going to the gym. Selina is a huge Formula 1 fan and turned one of her dreams into reality: Watching a race in person by attending the Turkish Grand Prix 2021.

Aaron Goudswaard

Aaron Goudswaard (Community Management Associate) supports Sponsoo as an intern for Community Management. He currently studies economics at the university of Hamburg. In his free time, Aaron loves playing football and spikeball as well as watching the NFL.

Tim Beckedahl


I´m Tim, a 16 years old intern at Sponsoo.

I was born and raised in Hamburg and always loved sports of any kind.

I started with field hockey and later added football and tennis to my schedule.

But since my true passion is football, I quit hockey and tennis to fully focus on my Football career.

Up to today, I´m still playing football and enjoying every second of it.

David Akinjise

David Akinjise (Freelance Consultant for Cooperations and Business Development) supports Sponsoo by bringing in new projects and cooperations. He has been working in telco for 10 years and now shares his experience with ambitious startups like Sponsoo. David is a football-addict, who played actively in his home club for a long time and even acquired the certification to be a referee. When traveling, he always brings his surf board. (And a towel. Always bring a towel!)

Jenna Ngo

Jenna Ngo (Sponsoo Agent) supports Sponsoo in matching cooperation partners with ambitious athletes. Jennas entrepreneurial mindset made her quit her job as a marketing manager for prestigeous brands to help startups and freelancers during the start of their business. Her interest in anthropology also reflects in what she likes about sports: The strong sense of collaboration. In the past, Jenna played handball, but now she switched to yoga.

Maurice Lange

Maurice Lange (Sponsoo Agent) is a massive sports enthusiast and regularly visits the stadiums and sports halls all over Europe. He shows the same passion for his daily work at Sponsoo.

In his free time, he has been singing in the New Boy's Choir Hamburg for 14 years and actively tries to shape local politics. 

Béla J. Anda

Béla J. Anda (Co-founder and Head of the Advisory Board) has founded Sponsoo together with Andreas and Christian - based on the vision to make sponsorships accessible for tens of thousands of amateur sports people. Before that, Béla studied law at the Bucerius Law School and in St. Gallen, and launched a startup for Rocket Internet in Bangladesh. 

Béla loves active sports. For example, he hiked to the basecamp of Mount Everest or finished the Dublin Marathon.